Fall in to yourself

That’s going to be a hit song. I don’t know if you can use it.

You have to just give up. Give up on skiing. Golf. Biking. All of it. Adventure. They are all just a crystallized pathway that worked, but isn’t the best.

Adventure in to your mind!!! Find the blockages and love them! Learn to expect the best and get it.

All those things will come back, but with a new and different meaning.

Wooo this week will be different. Much more real sanity. No act. No proving. No control. Just my oath only. I can’t judge anyone if I am on my path. I can’t control what others think. Let them judge. It’s OK.

This is the week of concrete curing. Curing in the new identity. Adjust. There’s a whole new world ahead. The funny thing is, it was there the whole time.

You got this! Patience. Gentle. Let go and let God. There’ll be mistakes. Shame will rise up. Love it. I lathered my shame in lotion this morning.

Slowly the judges will fall out of view. You’ll realize they’re only the 1% and stop looking for them.

Every false belief will come up and try to sabotage. But you need this. You need to control this. Control so and so. Save and help. Recognize the true self. The true self just is. And by being, it helps. That is sufficient.

The only thing stopping me and creating problems is me. All I have to do is completely let go of the old way. The only reason there is friction is because I won’t let it go.

I was forced in to an act, and the only problem is it stole my true identity and confused me inside.

My whiskers are like doors I think. I have to close those doors and open the right doors. It’s like trying to heat a house with the outside doors open.

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