Exciting definition

I get a word in my email everyday. It’s exciting. I also get FIlmore Florists updates. I thought I unsubscribed. It’s killing me. Valentines day, again. No valentine. She wrote that I sent her flowers, a a butterfly necklace, and something else. And she kept them. Along with the money for windshield wipers. I know what that means. But what is the deal? It is time. Life is balanced. Life is accepted. Life is life. What is the fear? I understand I gave her some intense looks in court, but I was just so mad I just wanted to drive a bigger pile into the schism. That wasn’t me or how I would act. I just wasn’t ready at that point. Maybe God wasn’t ready. He had other things he needed each of us to do. But I think it’s time. I don’t know what I’m so frustrated about. Mostly not having anyone to send flowers to. I’m going to somewhow send Nadia flowers. She is an upright outstanding person and does a lot of good. She deserves flowers. I don’t have her address. Maybe there is a gentleman I could do something for.

Oh I am so frustrated by these people that live in these compartments. I just see people as people. The problem of therapy is integrating a mind that lives in a world of comparmrentalized brains. It makes sense. There’s a lot of trauma. World wars. Frigid wars. Economic problems. The mind inherently splits to deal with trauma.

I also understand if my blog scares you. It’s supposed to be satirical comedy of my anthropological adventure amidst this ever changing drama of media brainwashed people who can’t see their own faults and thereby understand other people as people. It’s intentional to stir up the creativity and name reality. It’s so funny. Everyone’s being stirred up to focus on and hate one thing. While all the while …. it’s typical human diversion. Most of it stems straight from the hidden secrets of many a frat boys past. Date rape. It’s like the whole society is being date raped. That’s what it’s all about. Divert the females attention. Is that what I’m doing?! I hope not. But seriously. You do sort of have to accentuate the good while trying to mitigate the bad as a man. But I am not trying to brain wash anyone. I respect reality. I want to brain massage people. Just scrub that hair and tickle the cerebral.

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