Epic moment

I had the most epic moment of my life at the race. I was flying down the fire road and came to the bottom where there was this epic hairpin turn that went back uphill. And they had all these hay bales set up and there were two guys standing there flagging people to slow down and I looked at them and looked at the turn and said yeah right. So I’m dodging hay bales and my bikes skipping all over the place and at the last minute I brake hard and controlled, come sliding into the turn, and people are screaming yeah cross bike yeah cross bike, I dig in hard through the turn, both wheels sliding on the gravel, almost make it without putting a foot down, one guys yelling yeah yeah woooooo until my foot went down and he said ahhhh! Then a woman says wow, that is a truly good mountain biker, then I take off in a Sprint after the guy ahead of me and another lady screams yeah and that’s all I remember. It was so awesome. I am a very fast and controlled rider. Not pro but fast and controlled. It was so awesome. It was like we were all riding it together and I made it for everyone. I swear one lady yelled go Kyle but I couldn’t see her. I was too focused on the guy ahead of me. He passed me on the last uphill and I really wanted to get him. I passed him on the next up hill, but then when I dropped my chain he passed me. We were like heck and neck the whole way. But this lady, it caught me by surprise. And I looked up and yelled yeah! But I didn’t see anyone I recognized. I thought maybe it was someone from bell. But who would have recognized me so easily? it made me feel so good though that someone said my name!

Oh yeah so then there was this deep sandy right hand turn right after the tunnel and the guy in front of me got scared and Locke dit up and came to a complete stop. So I had to stop so I roll up to him with my back tire way in the air doing a stoppie for like 10 feet. And the guy behind me starts yelling that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! Oh my god you’re so awesome. Then going down old cabin I flew past one guy on the side, then someone was right behind me and I flew through these five s turns bike sideways and both tires sliding, going fast, and the guy behind me starts yelling. What? That’s was amazing. Wow I have never seen anything like that. You are incredible. I wish I had my camera! Hahaha! Then on twin oaks this guy comes up behind me and is like, I can’t believe you’re riding this. That is awesome. Haha!

there was something about that hairpin turn though where everyone was cheering. It just felt good. I was so grateful for everyone cheering.

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