Don’t judge me

The last tim Sean called me for help he was stuck at a gas station with no gas and no money. Sean, WOE? What On Earth????? I didn’t want to get him without an explanation. He replied, Kyle, don’t judge me. That isn’t what matters right now. What matters right now is that I need someone to pick me up. I told him I was at work and I’ll call him at 5. I wanted to make him wait there for a few hours. I called him at 5 and he was still there. So I went and got him and we went camping at Benecia. Honestly, I think I barely missed whatever it is that destroys their lives because I get afraid of a big monster too. It’s triggering things that scare me. I don’t want to face the day half the time. I want to just let go of everything and los everything and have people come save me. My friends pulled me out of the mud a number of times in high school with our trucks. I have also pulled quite a few people out too. I feel guilty about it though. I think that is what it is. An attitude of guilt! It’s depressing! And suppressing! Like verything has always been my fault and people pick up on that and add to it!!

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