Details are difficult

Well atleast I am going to bed earlier. Not eating very well. Had a swig or coffee today too. I got my four new lighting circuits mostly installed. It was somewhat complicated. I have circuits running every which way, nine wires coming into one box at one point. It has four switches. One for front patio. One for back patio. One for the oak tree. And one for the security light. It also powers the attic light and the porch light. But it all figured out now. I can’t believe this whole thing is finishing. It’s amazing I r,ember when I got all the details dialed on my boat. It was incredible. Then I sold it to someone who could use it well. I needed the time to figure out this house. My tree is seriously encroaching on my yard. I need to trim it majorly. It has grown a Ton!!!

I had an amazing processing in therapy today. It was well needed. Beforehand I swung by my moms work and left an impromptu gift for my sister. Rice dream. We used to drink it as kids. It’s was her favorite. Haha. She loved that stuff. It felt good. I have been angry with my mom and it has caused a lot of fiction. But I’ve processed it in therapy. Now I’m just grateful.

I got home, ate some rice and beans, and just felt thankful that I even had the chance, the right, the freedom to process my anger with my mom. And I looked up and my little flag for Memorial Day was waving. And it was like I had never seen the flag before. Usually I look at it and it represents a party, li’ the Fourth of July, and celebration, and pride. Today. It looked humble. I saw the stars on it representing a union. The first of its kind. The star spangled banner. The song really drives home the humility of the people that fought that day, all they had to do was keep the flag up. And many died doing it. That is humility. And that is our flag.

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