Dear City Council

I am here to encourage you. You are obviously powerful people, as witnessed by what has happened in the last two years. You are facing very difficult problems. I am not perfect, so I don’t claim to have the solution, but I know there are many tools and philosophies for problem solving. No one did anything great without trying hard and failing hard. You obviously do not have the solution yet, because if you did everyone would be behind you encouraging you, and it would be simple, easy, low cost, and obvious. Santa Cruz has historically rocked the world. The sheer amount of ingenuity that has come from this town is astonishing. Political ideas, social ideas, sports ideas, conservation ideas, healing ideas, community ideas, art ideas, community events ideas, the list goes on and on. I am pretty sure recycling started here in Santa Cruz, among so many other things. Let’s continue that legacy rock the world again. The beauty is that your job is easy. The solution exists collectively in the minds of the 60,000 people you serve. They are all already trying and thinking about it. Some are 80 years old and know exactly what is going on, but they don’t feel anyone will listen to them. All you have to do is humbly ask all of them for their solution, and eventually you will see the solution that is already staring you in the face. And you will make Santa Cruz great again, and solve everything, for under a million dollars. And everyone will love you and be happy to re-elect you. But you have to ask yourself, do I want my solution or the best solution? And how do I find the best solution? You will have to face every bit of narcissism, grandiosity, and self righteousness inside yourself, so you can just do the work needed. But you are all smart and patient. There is something great here in this town, and we are actually doing very well. Something has always brought a balance, wisdom, beauty, and just plain class to this city. Let’s focus on that! Thank you for listening.

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