Confessions of a racist

If an Asian man doesn’t act submissively, I get dominating. I’m used to them sunitting to me. If a black man jingles his keys, I get dominating. If a white many does, I think he’s friendly. It’s hard. If I don’t act dominant, a white man may try to intimidate me which does this weird mind controlling effect on me. I’m trying to just be a mature, refined adult.

This poor world. There could be so much more peace!

What if all fire was the same? Like, all a part of one fire. All across the globe. It was all one big fire, burning in little bits on everyone’s candles, fireplaces, lamps. It’s a bizarre matter. Most other matter makes much more sense. Water. Rock. Air. They all are definite and also indefinite. They don’t go away. But fire, starts and stops. Is there ever a point when there is no fire anywhere?

Not in her world.

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