Clear out!

I talk to the WRONG people. I tell them things and it’s gets turned inside out. Ouch! I need out of this! Why can’t anyone just look at themselves? There’s this whole culture that has no vision, no hope, no desire for change. I thought they might want to do better! Is it me?

Anyway, life is progressing. I am being ripped apart inside. Finding forgiveness and mercy for myself and others. But also letting go of fantasy and non-realistic views. It’s funny, I’ve popped out of this gooey mess. And seeing everyone else who’s in it. And it’s like, wow. That’s most of the world. I thought I was climbing up into this better world … Where everyone is. The truth is, few people are climbing. I climbed up out of the world! And we all should!

What’s most important was Stacey did the right thing. She always does. Regardless, it’s her choice to do what she wants, as long as it is within her own moral code. She and any company or person have the right to use the judicial system for whatever purpose necessary. She talked to me first, then talked to my superiors, they all gave me time and warning, and then they talked to the courts. That is the correct way to deal with things. And it was right and just. Everything is fine. She is a model for correctly living in a society. I am codependent so I don’t ever stand up for myself. But I am praying that will change. My burden is way too great. I have too many people severely mistreating me. I am going to figure out how to stop this. Maybe I’ll ask them if they need to discuss something with me they don’t like. If so they are free to approach me about anything real.

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