Changing tactics

My tactic for social progress used to be that if it seeemd like someone was carrying something in their conscious, I would tell them that I did what I think they are ashamed of. I thought it would help them feel accepted and therefore move forwards. This was risky because naturally they would go around spreading rumors about me and tying to attack me however they could because their subconscious wouldn’t want to face themselves and inherently would want me destroyed. That didn’t work so well. So I matured to being graceful like Jesus. Just listen and love and lead others to the grace of Jesus. That’s the only way it works I think. Because we can all be redeemed. And we don’t have to be ashamed or attack.

Because we are all together! We need you to progress! It’s ok if you’ve done wrong! We’ve all done wrong! Let’s just agree to do better for the future! For the kids!

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