The switch

I had tried to find replacements for her. I just wanted to spend time with her but that wasn’t allowed. I found a few. And I tried to make them fit but they rarely did. It’s like driving your friends car. It just isn’t your car. And so I would move on, until the next unsuspecting victim fell into my empty hole.


I realized i was stgnating because I was surrounded by people who didn’t have the hope that I had. I dreamt of a world where we all got everything out and let it go. Instead everyone else seemed to still be stuck. And boy I try every angle possible. Somehow I need to stop trying to make other people progress. But I have to share what I know. And I know that people deserve to tell their story.

I also

Had cinnamon apple honey wheat pancakes for breakfast. I guess I was sort of made for the rest of the day. Hard to top that.

The problem

With counseling is that it works! I just wanted to accept myself. But in doing so I don’t have such a drive to do things! Which is strange for me. Normally I’d be planning a night rain ride or walk or sail or God knows what. But I’m just happy sitting listening to the rain! And I think that is a good thing. Although I do need exercise. I wonder what it will be like to ride downhill again. I’ve been doing a lot of work. My brain is fixing itself. It’s good. Oh but it’s hard. I keep waking up at 3 am sweating and chilled. It’s scary. But I am actually processing everything. Which is good.

The sloth

I don’t know what is going on. I think I am trying harder to have a gentler impact on people around me. Or something. Every day is like a massive granite boulder. I can’t hardly move! I get good sleep. I exercise. But I don’t have any drive! When I was at work I had everything down to a tee. It’s like I’m in a spell or something. I keep getting rid of things thinking it’s my things weighing me down. Maybe it’s my car??? I just can’t make any decisions either. It’s like someone took me and put me in molasses. Don’t do anything. Don’t make any decisions. I sleep. Then I sit on the couch. Staring and praying. Maybe I’m stuck in a childhood trauma? That’s sort of what it feels like. Like I can’t make it stop. I can’t get away from it either. This is horrible! Maybe I need to move? Maybe I need to move.

oh it’s just depressing. I mean I spent ten years working through all of it and clearing everything out of my life. And so now I’m just ready and present and accepting. But I feel like I’m just surrounded by drunks and parties and people stuck in this gooey tension control habit and all this muck. But I am afraid to express what I know because it is piercing. I mean really is this how you all want to spend the rest of your lives? Never really looking at yourself and your life? Never finding happiness in just being? What is the deal?? Ohhhhh man.

Evil rumors

Sometimes I get the impression that there are these evil rumors about me. Like I am bein carefully watched and scrutinized for every facial expression I make or every person to whom I look at. Or every noise I make. I am free to live and act however I act! I can’t control my body language! And that’s ok! If there are rumors, it’s just other people pain and defenses. It’s their only option. If they could do something more healthy they would.


When she got a restraining order against me, I really appreciated that she had write out her side. And that I had to read it. It showed me her perspective. She had values and priorities that were different than mine. It was like being exposed to this other world, that didn’t yet exist in my comprehension of reality. So I set out to find it.


Even if we weren’t friends, we did have a relationship. It consisted of me writing her a letter, and then her writing me a letter, in the form of legal paperwork. But I loved it! It was her hand writing and the truth written out.

There is no hope

I feel so lost. Everything is different with a toe down. No biking. No videos. Just sitting at the house thinking about how I want to change everything. Then I sit. I used to have all of this direction and drive. But honestly now I am so confused. I was working so hard towards something, and now it seems like everything is against me. I have all of these people who can’t see past today, and they keep tying to bring me down. What do they want??? I suppose I can just ignore them. Ahh I feel so stuck. What on earth is my purpose? It’s like everyone else hasn’t spent the last five years working. They’re all still unhappy! Everything I do is easy! And I’m happy to do it! And everyone belittles the guy who’s not trying to dominate everything! But is actually just getting things done! How can I come across as real?


I have been adventuring out a little socially. It’s scary. I am working hard at defining what is right and what I believe in in the moment. There is a lot of social pressure. Most people don’t live like me. I am simple and seem to have an abundance of extra time. Other people don’t understand that. I feel like even if I had a significant other we would both have an abundance of extra time and energy, because we wouldn’t be winding up our energy in unresolvable conflicts. We would just love each other!


I think it’s good to be careful in life right now. Just be attentive and strong. It seems like everyone is trying to bring me down. I suppose that is the effect of trying to reach out. I think I am codeoendent. I think I have something to offer to everyone. I do! I have a caring attention. I have cleared my life out and now I can just be present for people. But it seems like I am be being judged heavily for something I haven’t done. I keep walking into people’s lives and they project things on to me. I need to ignore these people. I can’t give that part of them attention. But that necessarily means I need to seek other friendships! So I am trying out some friendships. I feel like Ally Mcbeal or something. At 30. Trying out new friendships. I just wish I could tell someone how much I love them.


its times when your hurt that you realize the true meaning of things. Like eggs. It’s baby material. Theyre probably good for healing and rebuilding. Or milk. And carrots. Ohh carrots. They’re crunchy. And tasty. And they’re usually super snack sized. Like a king sized candy bar. And they have all those awesome colors when you bite through them. And you know that all those colors are good for you. And they have a little pony tail too! It’s just great. And they come straight out if the dirt. Where matter begins.