So now she’s staying with her mom. She doesn’t like to because her mom, like me, is fairly vocal about her alcohol use. Because she ends up being really aggressive. So then she called me from her moms ohone. She usually disables caller I’d…. but she didn’t this time! Then I helped her pay her phone bill so now her phone works. So she has a phone, internet, and is mostly staying with her mom. They needed a few things around the house so I dropped off some essentials. So she’s doing pretty good. She calls me when she’s freaking out about her mom, I just listen and encourage her to be patient and work it out. A warm house is better than the forest. Or so you would think. Any resemblance of so called violent communication, ie facing the facts, and she’d rather be in the Forrest. So now I finally got ahold f her mom, who’s basically just like me. Trying to keep things balanced and calm and supportive, but also has a bad taste from some bad experiences. And since she’s an adult, you can’t just force her to stay with you, and sometimes, you don’t want her around! But now atleast she has two people to talk to so she can process relational things. She actually doing fairly well. It was hilarious because she does not want me talking to her mom. She doesn’t want me talking to anyone about her. So when I was on the phone with her mom, she came storming in the door to her moms house! Her mom was mid sentence saying something about her. Then she realized it was me on the phone and grabbed it! She was fairly mad.

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