Bunny flew

Into the air, ears flopping, doing a sideways flip, into the landfill. I got rid of him and the cactus planter she made me. They both meant a lot. But they needed to go. They were a mental strain to me. A burden. I will dearly miss bunny and amber asking me how he is. But it wasn’t right. Was she just flirting with me? I don’t know. I’m just navigating the world one conversation at a time.

I wondered if she was cursed. And bunny got the curse. Or she uses magic and had done something to him. We were driving down the road one day and she said dark magic. I said what?! Then she got scared and wouldn’t answer my questions. Maybe she is afraid of dark magic. Something is not right with her and it’s so hard to tell if it’s her, or something else. I always end up deciding it isn’t her. Not her fault. She was an innocent little girl at one point. And I was an innocent little boy.

My house and yard feel better now. She said she might need a place to stay if she needs space from her mom and boyfriend. I feel like I have to accommodate if she can verbalize her needs like that. I am praying about it.

My house might actually be pretty nice. Every time I tear open the walls and get them all cleaned up, I want to leave them open. Cabin style. It’s so cool. And so so cold. So drywall will go back on. It’s good to open the walls once every 50 years. Just to get the spider webs out. And now I can put an outlet in that one spot. I moved the furniture into the layout I planned…. and it’s pretty cool. It feels really cozy. That’s what I was going for. Cozy. Minus the fireplace.

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