Ah! Something doesn’t feel right! Is it you? What is it?! This selfish world? Is it me?

Ithought I saw her today. Riding a motorcycle. I don’t know. I couldn’t tell.

I rode De La Vega yesterday. I was a little slow and cautious. But it was fun. I got a tick. I hate ticks. They get me pretty bad. I always get a little swollen area from them. It’s hard living on a boat. Everyone else is here to prove something. I’m here to live. It confuses me. Everyone is trying to one up me. I’m just trying to keep the boat in one place without spending thousands of dollars. Hah. That’s a joke. Haha! I made my own dock bungees and chaffe guards to save money for my engine.

The wind is coming in strong. I want to climb my mast for the fun of it. I just may. I had to fix a few things and arrange some things due to leaks. There were a few leaks. I sealed them with tape for now. I was expecting to have all summer to fix these things! It reminded me of Stacey. How it seemed like I had four years to fix things and it seems like I didn’t even fix one thing.

I would try to explain it to people. But they didn’t get it. You don’t get it, I would say, that’s WHY I love her!!!!

I had found that giving females too much attention would lead to them wanting more attention. But I only wanted to give it to her. Or save it for her. So I trained myself to look away from the wanting females. But that meant I also would look away from her.


ibwas slowly learning that there were things in the world I couldn’t change no matter how stupid useless or irrational they were. For example, riding my bike on the docks would get me pinned as a worthless loser idiot and others would treat me as such. But actually riding my bike in the docks demonstrates that I have experience, balance, patience, and coordination, which are all highly useful talents for serious foul weather sailing. But they don’t see that. They see a kid riding a little blue bike around. They are the idiots. But they don’t know it. Ah. So I decided I would have to conform to some of the idiotic musings of the world.


Morons. It reminded me of mother’s day. I took my family sailing. And all anyone else saw was some guy taking his family sailing in a dumpy boat. Atleast that is how some people see me. I had spent the last two weeks pulling of miraculous feats to make it happen and go smoothly. It went so well nobody noticed how well it went. And that is the story of my life. I do things so well that people can only stop to complain about something. I refused to be like the rest who do a half ass job and make you feel bad for it.

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