I slower down today and paddled around for an hour before working. It is so frustrating because a year ago when I started my great job, I had so much energy and was pogoing all over the place. But lately I have been devastatingly slow. And my knee is hurt. I broke my toe before. Then my knee got hurt. It’s like I hate myself. So I have been pushing the people out of my life that make me feel that way. It feels great. They can wallow in their own problems. The paddle was so good. My body loves it. I’m getting fat in my belly area. Too many pancakes. I paddled pretty well. I have never been in great paddlin shape. It like the really good guys. But I love to paddle, duck dive, and then find a rock to check out the critters. And get washed around by the backwash. It’s neat because the swell and current will bring you way in, and then way out, especially if you find a cool little valley.

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