An engagement

The way you wrote out what happened was just bizarre to me. I don’t know how to describe it. It was very cute. You wrote that I sent you flowers, a necklace, and a card, asking you to meet me on the bridge, an engagement. What on earth does that mean? It was not an engagement. I was going to ask you to marry me. To get engaged. The act of asking is not an engagement. Wait I think I know what you meant now. Not like a meeting. But an engagement. When two people engage each other? I just looked it up. Apparently it has a meaning I didn’t know. A formal agreement to get married. The card wasn’t an engagement and asking you to meet me was not an engagement. It would only have been an engagement if you met me there and I asked you. Don’t you get it? You throw these words around sometimes without paying close attention to the specific syntax and grammar. And your website says, “No shipping in the U.S”. While I do think that’s a clever play on the acronym – “u dot s”, you’re still missing a point. And if there was an engagement, how on earth does that support your argument?!

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