A minute into the sail,

I realized the backstay wasn’t tuned properly, the traveler was rigged funky, the topping lift was about to split to pieces, there was no foreguy (in multiple ways), the reefing lines were obnoxious, and our jib halyard had a big tear in it. My heart sunk. I had vision. And I knew the boat wasn’t perfect. I knew what it could be. But in that moment, I was a little scared.

Once she was berthed in her new home harbor, which, actually, was her real home, I did what I love. I fixed the boat. First I fixed the backstay. No self respecting boat should have a loose backstay. It just doesn’t leave you feeling like the mast is supported. And a 32 foot mast must be supported. Next I re ran the line for the traveler. Someone had put the mount on backwards. Now the traveler, a $200 piece, that didn’t work, worked like brand new! This is what I had envisioned when I talked Brandon into getting it with me. Next, I did away with the funky red and green reefing lines. If you can’t remember which line is which, you shouldn’t be sailing the boat. And red, green, blue and white, just don’t mix. Then a new foreguy. Then I used the old foreguy for the traveler. And a little patch on the job halyard, with memories if watching a heart surgeon gracefully sew his halyard back together with the touch of a new father. Lastly, my favorite detail, my Santa Cruz yacht club burgy. Oh and of course new pull lines for the shackles and getting rid of the frayed webbing. Ohhhh. That is my favorite thing to do! I LOVE THAT BOAT! It’s like good to go 2.0.

It felt like I could feel her. Like I knew what she was feeling. It was either complete dementia, or something else.

If we did end up together, it would just make sense! But it would be so bizarre, because all of these crazy things happened. But, I prayed for it. And if it ends well, who cares!!!

I had realized, this wasn’t about the boat. Or even sailing. It was about Brandon. We always got along great but we didn’t have something to do together!!! I have known him since I was 4. Me Alex and Brandon. They had tons of other friends but we also always did things together.

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