A hard ride

Ewwwww interesting ride yesterday. Felt slow. Very slow. Came down Zane grey really fast. Got a front flat. Some Little Rock had released and rolled down to the bottom of a little hill and I came righ in to it. Something inside of me actually wants to just destroy those little wheels on my cyclecross. So I wasn’t riding that carefully. I was going pretty fast. The old cabin classic… I hope I can still sign up. Anyway, walked down. Saw the bobcat again. Took a video with my go pro. Then found someone wi5 a tube. My iPad is deliberately horrible at typing. Then put the tube on and did it again. Got a rear flat. Walked down. Was walking down the highway when a tourist got lost and pulled over. Asked me some questions. Then they gave me a ride home! Ohh nothing felt good about yesterday. And my knees hurt. Ugh I feel like I’m surrounded by molasses. Like the world is now healing and grieving and the whole country is just in dismay. And I’m like, hey guys I’ve been here 5is whole time! Why does my iPad think th is 5??? It keeps doing that. And now it thinks that’s the preferred spelling. Anyway. I need to be more assertive of who i am. I don’t want t9 be mr dumb go along wi5 all the dumb people who won’t get moving! Ohhhh. Let’s go?! Run! Bike! Build! Draw! Read! Stay active in the head you wackos! This isn’t over! This is not the end!!!

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