A good day

Well. Things got deep this month. Ouch. Oh man. It hurt. I can barely move. But I did go surfing. It was good. I didn’t plan on catching any waves. Bu I did. I couldn’t pass one up. It’s like when someone shows interest in me. I use it as a platform to encourage growth for me and them. I’ve given up on everything. And I encourage others to process their emotions so they can give it all up too. So I figure if someone likes me, they like something about me. And by conversing with them, I can lead them to what they’re actually looking for. Because it probably isn’t about me. It’s about fulfillment.

I have worked my life into such an awesome cozy spot. I have zero worries. I don’t lock my house. Or my car. When I surf I just leave my keys in a good spot. Often on the rocks. Everything I do people get paranoid. And it’s like, it’s you! I’m not worried about it. Because I’m confident and I’ve faced myself. If you’re worried about it, it’s you! For example, some people get irked when I don’t lock my house door. And I have to realize, you’re e only one worried… shouldn’t I then be worried about you?!

Anyway! The surf today was fun. No animals. Clean water. Decent head highs waves a few times. I couldn’t get enough speed to get all the way through the wave. I’m not a very good surfer and my board is decrepit. But it was fun. When it closed out, I flew into the air a few times. Once I got enough height to swan dive. It was really cool. Some of the guys were really competitive about getting there waves. I’m weak right now so I just got out of their way. Then this kid was stuck on the inside and he started telling me the whole story of his day. Naturally I listened because I have the time to listen. Soon enough crazy dad comes over and yells at him. I want out of this town so badly. Everyone is crazy. I just go surf, leave my door open, leave my keys somewhere, and a, courteous, patient, and have fun. This creates a lot of friction for me.

I feel like I’m surrounded and corners by people who are worried and and angry and insecure. And I’m like, I’ve got a billion dollars in my back pocket. You can’t even upset me.

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