10 hours later

Wow. I played a game at Casserly golf. I have some fine tuning to do with my attire, it doesn’t fit perfectly, and my attitude and perspective. But things went well. I played with my only club, a 7 iron. I got 5,8,8,7,8,lake. I lost the one ball I bought in the only lake. Playing is way better than the range. This game is really cool. I am getting clubs tomorrow. I may give up mountain biking. It seems like a natural progression.

I thought if I bought one ball, then I wouldn’t lose it. I make the whole game into this weird thing. It’s not a big deal. It was fun. Now I have to figure out the rules. Can you use a tee after your first hit? What if you take out a chunk of the grass? What if your shoes leave an imprint in the area around the hole? What’s the white thing for in the hole and can I take it out?! Things like that.

Can you get your ball out of the lake, and where do you put it?

It’s very addicting. It’s this weird intersection for me of rigorous body control and yet being natural. Like just hit the ball and keep playing, yet then stop and really seriously analyze things.

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