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Who’s your favorite stalker?

Yesterday. Bike. Breakfast. Coffee. Drive to work. I even coached myself. Just drive to work. No need to smile or please anyone or even make eye contact. Just get to work without any issues. Wait, is that stacey?! Whoa! Circle around! She looks different. But she sure is pretty. I just want a better look. Shoot she’s gone. Ok I’ll just wait here down the street and see if she comes by. There she is!!! Chase! Chase! Chase! Literally, no thoughts occurred. Just this wild maniac impulse. I just wanted a better look. That’s all. Eventually, it didn’t seem to be her, so I turned away. But then I realized, she was doing a little dance as she was walking. She would totally do that. At one point, it seemed even another car was chasing her around also.

Women must be used to it. Or they don’t know any better. Surrounded by commotion.

The best I could do is tell a few people. And say, yeah, that was bad. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t think it was even her.

Tonight, someone tail hated me to my turn off, then accelerated loudly past me after I turned. It is so obnoxious I get angry. But it’s only becasue I’m not expecting it. I have to learn to expect that here in Santa Cruz. The weirdos. Do women learn to expect commotion and stalking? What creates that? The squirrels do it too. Is this courting? Will she ever say yes?

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